Elba Island

Elba, the largest Island of the Archipelago, and the third largest in Italy. Too big to be small, too small to be big. This is Elba in figures: 86.4 mi², 7 towns, 32,000 inhabitants, over 100 beaches, a mountain higher than 3,280 ft, luxuriant woods, scented Mediterranean chaparral, iron mines, romantic little churches, medieval boroughs, Renaissance forts and fortresses, imperial mansions. It is difficult to describe it in just few words without paying justice to its essence and ’complexity’. Its multifaceted natural history makes it unique. It is a geologists’ paradise; its minerals and rocks are displayed in museums the world over.

Its natural and cultural heritage deserves to be enhanced in a more comprehensive way. Here visitors have twelve months at their disposal to choose the journey that best fits their desires: all sorts of sports and leisure activities connected with sea life, over 350 miles of trails for spectacular excursions, trekking and mountain bike experiences of all levels and difficulty, or kayak experiences along the coastline; a wide range of natural history across the various parts of the Island that is reflected in local customs and traditions, not least eno-gastronomic traditions.

Each village, from the oceanfront to the hills, has a story of its own to tell for a continuous discovery, thanks to Roman and Etruscan archaeological remains and its architecture, from the Middle Ages to the 19th century passing through the glorious Renaissance.

Area (km2)
224 km2